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about CWA

About CWA


CWA SYSTEM AB manufactures leak detection/location equipment for all kinds of pre-insulated pipes. The product range spans from CWA6000, a leak detection system, and CWA9000, a more advanced system with detecting as well as locating capabilities.

Unfortunately, any type of pre-insulated pipeline network or district-heating system inevitably leaks, causing losses, costly clean-up, public risks and possible groundwater contamination. And with underground lines, often carrying corrosive or environmentally hazardous liquids, locating and stopping a leak by conventional methods becomes a costly and time-consuming hide-and-seek game.

CWA provides its clients with the solution and the key to pipeline security. The advanced leak detection/location system - using Time Domain

Reflectometer technology - in combination with special detector cables-
is specifically engineered to continuously monitor pipes, detect leaks instantly and alert. It also records occurrence time and pinpoints location within a couple of feet!

Without CWA's advanced technology, the primary way of detecting a leak is by observing the groundwater contamination or water losses. By that time it is much too late. With a reliable CWA constant surveillance system you eliminate the trouble and costs of daily inspections. You will know the very moment a leak occurs, so that a minor problem does not go unnoticed and grows into a giant one and perhaps even goes out of control. Instead, you will be able to act before your pipelines are ruined or the environment is contaminated. You and your company can assure the public that you are doing your utmost to protect both investments and the environment.

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